Otter Morning

Otter Morning

Last Sunday was special.  We didn’t go to church so I rode my bike for eight miles.  Came in sweaty and tired.  Looked out the back of the house and screamed at my husband,  “John, get your camera.”  He looked quizzical.  “Don’t stop. Just do it…there are four otters on our dock.”

We bolted into the bedroom, which has a window that faces the dock.  Lake Iona was sparkling and the otters were lolling about.  John tried a few shots through the glass but there was glare.  “I’m going out the front and try to sneak around the side,”  he said, tiptoeing out the door.

Meanwhile, I watched the river otters, who seemed not quite full-grown–teenagers, perhaps–cavort on the deck.  The scratched on the floor boards, rolled around and commenced to groom as if they were dogs or cats, scratching behind their ears.  They even groomed each other.  At this point I presumed these otters were more than just friends.

But I had friends, mostly neighbors who needed to see this! I calling around and soon there was a small crowd of seven — representing three generations — in the bedroom.  (I told everyone to come to the front door, and then I just herded them in.)

You have to picture this–John creeping around from tree to tree in the backyard with his camera, and meanwhile, in the master suite, an unmade bed and darkness.

Everyone likes to look out the back window
Everyone likes to look out the back

Only one window was open to the sunlight so we could see what was going on outside. Various gasps and giggles could be heard, since the otters were nothing if not entertaining.  Tales began to be told–one of the neighbors said he was just leaving the house, his family was already in the car when he heard the tail/tale end of my message (sorry about the pun).  “Something about otters and a dock, ”  he told his family. His wife knew instantly what the message was about, ” Oh, we must go to the Swanks,” she said,  and in they hurried to see our show.

I also told the story of a previous otter visit when an otter swam by our house and picked up a dead fish, killed during a cold snap.  The otter grabbed it, took it out into the lake and then changed his mind.  He swam back to the same spot and REPLACED THE FISH WHERE IT HAD BEEN! John and I stood there with our mouths open in disbelief.

Back in the bedroom, I heard one of our newish neighbors introduce himself.  I assumed everyone knew everyone else, but I was wrong, and glad to provide a venue for neighborly introductions. At that point I turned on a light and everyone could actually see everyone else. Apologies all around and then back to otter viewing.

Our otters stayed for about 40 minutes and did not spook even when John came fairly close.  They were just chillin. The humans, on the other hand, had a rare otter morning. Here’s John’s video.  It will make you smile.

(John’s blog, which contains many other photos of Florida is at


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Retired journalist, writer, editor and teacher. Our lives were lived in the Washington DC area, but I was born in upstate New York. Love nature, birding and reading. Volunteer at Ding Darling NWR . Proud mom of two, married to a wildlife photographer.

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