Sisterhood of the Traveling: Adventures in Jordan Part II.

Sisterhood of the Traveling: Adventures in Jordan Part II..


New Yorker House Rules, Christmas Edition

I would be the Mom in question. I am a New Yorker subscriber, fanatic and hoarder. My daughter caught the bug early and has not looked back…it makes getting the mail a special joy.

Run-On Sentences

1. Current Issue of the New Yorker must be kept in Public Areas at all times. We will define public areas as the coffee table in front of the living room, the dining room table, and the table on the back patio.  One may NOT take the current issue to any of the bedrooms or bathrooms.

2. When a new issue comes, although this is  unlikely because the second one in December is usually a double, it becomes the new Current Issue, and Current Issue rules no longer apply to the former issue.  However, the former current issue cannot be removed from the household, nor should it remain in any bedroom for more than one night.

3.Any issue dated Thanksgiving or before is  available for removal from the house in the event of a beach trip.  It should be noted though, whether it came from the pile from the table…

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This is a wonderful story written by our daughter, named Hope.

Run-On Sentences


I was just storing  my bag in the hostel so I I could make the most of my day-long layover in Athens when I heard a voice from the kitchen.  “Good morning, would you like some food?”  I poked my head in and smiled at the 3 men gathered around the small table.  “That’s ok, I didn’t bring anything,” I said.  “No, no, sit, we have food.”

“Thank you.” I gave in and had a seat.  Two sandwiches appeared and the men split one so that I could eat a whole one.  When I noticed what was going on, I tried to divide the one they had handed me but they weren’t having it, and someone gave me a coffee to drown my protests.

After 3 months of traveling, this kind of hospitality is still wonderful, but it no longer surprises me.  Pretty much anyone I have taken the…

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