Italy In A (Hazel) Nut Shell

What a wonderful trip Hope is on…A gelato factory–like a dream come true.

Run-On Sentences

I have reached the point in my adventures where keeping the blog updated will definitely be a  challenge.  On my most recent leg, I did not have a power adaptor AND my favorite ballpoint pen ran out of ink.  But I will try to sum up my whilrlwind adventures in Italy to help me remember them and to be ready to write about goings on in Vienna and beyond!


Entering Italy and going straight to a frisbee tournament.  Hosted by the Bologna alligators, I got to play for 2 teams and learn once again that  frisbee, and frisbee people are the same everywhere.  Lots of sweet people to talk to about traveling,  and inspiration for the next step which was

FLORENCE (Firenze)

I stayed in a hostel that was attached to a church and used to be a convent.  I did a lot of walking around and looking at…

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Retired journalist, writer, editor and teacher. Our lives were lived in the Washington DC area, but I was born in upstate New York. Love nature, birding and reading. Volunteer at Ding Darling NWR . Proud mom of two, married to a wildlife photographer.

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