Anhinga at Ding Darling 3-2-13

The anhinga has to be one of my favorite birds.  It spears fish, and at Ding they dive in brackish water,  capturing a fish, unspearing it from their beak and then flipping the fish so it goes down their long throat head first.  Females have a beautiful camel-colored neck and they both have long, long tails. During mating season they both appear with  breath-taking blue eyes.

Anhingas need to dry out after they dive.  As they dry in the bright sun, a  checkerboard pattern appears on their backs.  Slowly, delicate white feather-lines become visible.  Like some sort of reappearing magic ink.  When every white line is visible, they fly–a graceful cross in sky.Image


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Retired journalist, writer, editor and teacher. Our lives were lived in the Washington DC area, but I was born in upstate New York. Love nature, birding and reading. Volunteer at Ding Darling NWR . Proud mom of two, married to a wildlife photographer.

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