Soudough baking

Thanks to our son, I have Cali sourdough. I also have a scale, King Arthur flour, reverse osmosis water, a bowl scraper and a plastic container with a top. But most important, the combo cooker. And my Tartine Bread Book. I have baked maybe five times since the New Year. It comes out different every time, but good. Better than good, actually.

Here’s my question, to myself mostly: how come one loaf is the “good” one and the other one isn’t? It isn’t say, as good looking, is smaller, or less carmelized. I will admit it probably tastes the same.Image


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Retired journalist, writer, editor and teacher. Our lives were lived in the Washington DC area, but I was born in upstate New York. Love nature, birding and reading. Volunteer at Ding Darling NWR . Proud mom of two, married to a wildlife photographer.

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